an invitation to a wedding rehearsal

a great feast awaits

light your 10 lamps and let them burn brightly throughout the night

don the best version of your self, dressed in only in your best attire

drop every plan, every expectation, every thought, every excuse

for the invitation only comes when you are most distracted

come with me

let us walk together

of singular shared mind

virtues resonating in our voices hailing from the core of our being

arm in arm let us sing with joy for a wedding is coming

and yet this wedding is different

we must prepare the lamps

we each must return from the darkness

like the prodigal son, the feast is unexpected

we return with the deepest humility

expecting the very least is far more than we deserve

we return as the lost sheep

the anticipated reunion

the joy of becoming found by one who loves with such intensity

we return grasping the veiled invitation

following the guiding starlight of grace

come with me

arm in arm

our jailors run from their charge

in deep humility we bow

picking up the keys to our freedom

you, our wedding partner

asks to meet us in the inner temple of stillness

you desire our hand of mercy

we offer it in reverence and the deepest form of love we can offer

a complete surrender to the God of love to flow freely through us

to course through our veins until we glow with light

like two waters following the lowest possible path

both seeking a perfection of humility

towards one another

a union of being giving light to a destined, sacred transformation

a new beginning – the birth of a renewed being that is once again whole

but more than whole, more magnificent than before

formed in the womb of emptiness

in the womb of no-me-ness

in the womb of just be-ing-ness

whose sole/soul intention had always been union

to grow and flourish as one so as to one day bear fruit

special seeds bred from many varieties each having differing natures by intention

an ancient longing, a sacred seeding of intention long long ago

an intention towards perfection

integral to the path of the eternal

for all of us

let us rehease in preparation

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