A teaching from dear Charles

What Thomas Merton tells us is that ….at the centre of our being ….there is a point of nothingness… which is untouched by sin … untouched by illusion…. and its a pure glory of god in us…this point of nothingness… its never at our disposal ….we can’t get to it… its our deep true self…but its that point from which god disposes of ourselves

So I think that’s primarily what we are doing in mediation, we are becoming quiet and still and what we are really doing we are disposing ourselves so that God can act within us

We don’t know what he’s going to do or what he is doing

We probably won’t know until maybe 5 years from now or maybe next week

But he is working all the time because God much more than we  wants us to be in unity with himself

He wants us to give him a chance to work through us

In this light, Charles would so often remind me…. in stillness, in emptiness give consent….

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