arising wisdom

the more you sit, walk or work in stillness

the more you will see from the soul’s perspective

with this seeing comes a wisdom

a wisdom born from seeing from far enough away

practice meditating, but imagine you observe your daily life on this earth from the moon

you might be far enough away

contemplate the natural world on this spinning ever-evolving blue white brown and green orb

nothing else is seen

then contemplate the clutter and trails of destruction of the manufactured beliefs that separate humanity from one another within this most magnificent home

these beliefs may seem real when we are close

but from afar they shed their form

perhaps they are all imagined

contemplate all of the trials you have ever held

begin with the ones that have provoked deep emotions

over time, with frequent returning to stillness, a wisdom will begin to arise

the tendency for wisdom to arise in stillness is part of the natural world

available to all of humanity

but only when we tame our habits

and let go of our self centered nature

5 thoughts on “arising wisdom

  1. Yes, At 59 years, I spent too many of my years not knowing this. Its odd in that as a child I had sought wisdom in others but had no idea where to find it. There was no one in any of my circles that one could consider as wise. They were all suffering souls from horrible traumas of the second world war and the blindness of their beliefs. Not knowing where to find wisdom is one of the greatest tragedies of our current human condition. It is something we must all endeavor to change. The embracing language of wisdom is available to all.

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  2. Reblogged this on in sacred Presence and commented:
    I know, George. Shameful medals in dusty drawers and all.

    Contemplating the clutter from above now, we are healing their light too. Such timelessly important work.
    Erkennen + Einheit

    Thank You All.
    Please like the original post.


    1. Dear Leon, The children of those returned from war somehow still carry their fathers and mothers heavy burden. It is a silent, unspoken, suffering hidden from others yet its screams broke through their hardened hearts to penetrate us all. Let our hearts unite in unison with the will of God to free them of their suffering.
      in peace,

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