to go deeper

is to surrender or give consent twice

to surrender the self centered nature

and then to surrender to the will of God

however not a God that is separate

our imagined selves will play ever more clever tricks to deceive us

they are relentless in their pursuit of maintaining dominance

discern, doubt and discern again and yet again for the attempts of the imagined self will be increasingly skillful and numerous

remain pure of heart and over time they will relent

to surrender is also engaging an invitation, a consent to empty the glove that contains the imagined you

and only when a long hard journey to purify and empty the temple nears completion is the seeing and hearing of the heart made clear

like sediment settling in a stirred glass of water

is it followed by another invitation to offer that emptiness unto God

on bended knee with great reverence, humility and grace, the polished empty temple that is you is offered

and with the filling of that glove

the work of grace begins to show its wear

in the lives it touches with heart-felt love

there is no more intention of self

there is no known plan

you will see life from the soul’s perspective that has been touched by grace

you will sense the presence of a powerful love

you will sense a profound wisdom

you will sense a unity with something far greater than your old self

all that occurs is accepted openly with grace

you will have transformed your being into an instrument of God

….the Hand of God can only be experienced in this realm

the essence will be alive and will work within you

and through you

it arises

at its own pace

in its own way

opportunities will arise and will be embraced

without second thoughts

no task is refused

there is much work to be done

prepare and cleanse your temple

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