My dear little one

You dwell within me

infants growing into beings unknown before this time

this world is my womb

my love for each of you knows no bounds

you feel as if you don’t belong – you do

you feel as if you are alone – you are not

you can’t yet see me – yet I am here

I feel your every kick

you feel something is missing

you try to fill it

don’t fret – it will be filled when the time is right

for now rest in peace – the time is coming

rest in the darkness of my womb

don’t fixate on the darkness

be still and listen for my loving heart beat

sustenance and comfort is sewn into the land and seas

be patient child

I am closer to you than you know

and when you leave this darkness

you will see this world in a different light

we yes we are one

for I am your blessed nature hidden within

resonating with love for all that is

the time is coming where we will walk hand in hand in flowering fields

under a golden sun and gentle sweetened breezes

for I am your mother’s nature

I am mother nature

I am the nature of loving kindness

and one day soon you will become like me

and embrace with love every being in this realm

and the beautiful womb that I have created for you

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