there will come a time

moments such as last week occur throughout our lives

major turning points, major events in life

where our beliefs are shook to the core and crack us open to a differing reality

where we simply stop and try to recalibrate our world view

in these moments our hearts feel broken

in these moments the casing on our hearts opens to a choice

we either use the moment to further harden the casing

or leverage the crack open and begin to live from our hearts

they are windows of opportunity for incredible transformation

in future, a similar collective moment will arise for humanity

a moment where the path more travelled lays strewn with the corpses of violent response

yet when this moment comes, our reaction will take the path less travelled

a blessed one of the road less travelled

we must prepare for this moment in time

for it is coming

we must spread the word that there is a different way to respond to violence, to a violation of trust and the judgement that typically follows

these moments arise in our close relationships, and in our community

but they can also happen in an entire nation

they can devolve into spiraling conflict or in healing

the choice is ours

what must be present for transformation is our presence, our collective awareness to see our reactive tendency that so quickly reverts to the path of our past, a perspective that is “far enough away” that we don’t get drawn into retribution, that we do not surrender to anger and retaliation, a remembrance of our collective will for peace.

we are evolving, we can facilitate the evolution of humanity, we have the ability

with will and action we can evolve for our children’s sake to a life of harmony with one another and the natural world

gentle peace awaits future generations

let us all make it happen – spread the word

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