to lay down your life

to hold the vibrating essence of the one within your inner silence

is to stand and turn

within the peaceful garden of your stilled essence

to offer a depth and quality of love you would only offer the long forgotten father of your soul

a father barely remembered

his calling voice barely heard

after an absence of longing for something still shrouded in unknowing

returning along a path less travelled guided by the distant flickering light of faith

to the one unknown, and yet only forgotten

wafts of the ether of remembrance grace the heart’s awakening senses

the dawn of an embrace of deep love unfolds

a flood of remembrance follows

the essence of love between a mother and child permeates the air

joy springs from the depths of the earth

oneing becomes one and one becomes oneing wrapping into itself

foals, fawns, and lambs leap with joy among blossomed fields

such is the love that breaks through the hard shells of our ever-growing beautiful souls

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