The Iron Cage Meditation Practice

Sit in deep emptiness for awhile.

In this state you have diminished the self

to such a degree

that you are in complete harmony with all that surrounds you.

There is no more a sense of a you,

only emptiness.

Now bring your attention

to the dysfunctions of the mind.

and for each, imagine them as ever larger iron cages surrounding your heart centre.

Each time you add a cage resonate back and forth between a state of emptiness and being surrounded and attached to an ever increasing number of iron cages.

Begin with your attachment to likes and dislikes.

Imagine them as an iron cage and then return to that emptiness, then return again

Now add, your strong fears, phobias and worries as yet another layer of cage.

Imagine both cages and resonate back and forth between emptiness and being caged by the mind.

Now add, beliefs on how things or people or the self should be or appear to others.

Yet another cage.

And continue to resonate between emptiness and a caged self.

Now add the perceptions and beliefs of right and wrong, good and evil as yet another cage surrounding the self.

And continue to resonate between emptiness and the caged self.

Now add the cage of judgement against another and self righteousness.

We all accumulate and have different cages that we clothe ourselves with.

Know your self and recognize your own cages and bring them into this meditation.

Place all of your intention and attention on the return.

Each time you return to the emptiness,

repeat, “I am home”

3 thoughts on “The Iron Cage Meditation Practice

  1. I’m not sure I understand this process. My daily meditations involve connecting with my Savior (Jesus) and letting Him deal with things as they come up, and as He can enlighten me. (He does the work, I just yield to Him, and I am free.)
    My daughter was in a college class on “women’s studies,” where they were talking about different kinds of oppression and discrimination being the bars on the cage that women must free themselves from. The implication was that we (women) need to overcome/remove every bar in order to be free from the oppression of men. When the professor had finished her “men are evil, we are victims” spiel, my gutsy daughter raised her hand and calmly commented that when one is in a cage, she only needs to remove one bar to climb out. (I would add that the one bar is the sin that comes between us and God, and Jesus removed it when He died to pay the penalty. ❤ )

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  2. Really appreciate to hear how this resonates with you and hearing about your daughter’s experience. She seems to have a lot of insight.

    We will all perceive his message in slightly different ways. I suspect it was meant to be this way so that we could step into one another’s shoes and look at the same source of the understand and make sense of it all. I really appreciate you sharing your understanding.

    The meditation practice above is focused on our own self-created cages which includes our own judgements of and reactions to the tyrants in one’s life.

    It is based on the perception that the same spirit is in everyone but is only incarcerated by the thoughts of the self centred “me”.

    Jesus lamented that the self centered “we” or false selves were blind, intoxicated and asleep to our true nature. I like to think that he “lived” to save us for in his words and parables are a multitude of hints as to how to cross the river or shed the cages. The sabbath of stillness (quieting the mind or fasting from thought), pure living, prayer, discernment of seeing the true self from the false self, shedding the veils or clothing of the false self with awareness and a profound love of God and everyone and everything on this earth are all part of his teachings.

    My own experience is one of dissolving dozens and dozens of cages of which more and more subtler ones are revealed as time goes by. Looking back, I see that all of these cages were self-created. Some were very strong self created perceptions and reactions to the tyrants that were set in my path. The act of letting go of this self centered nature or cages that dictate what we think, say and like repenting.

    In my own experience, the depth of my blindness or intoxication was and continues to be far more pronounced than I ever would have imagined….and yes the spirit of Jesus among many others is there calling us, encouraging us, admonishing us, loving us till we all reach the other side…and yes, the cages of thinking that separate us or forgetting our unity with God is the sin…

    My reading of the parables is that we need to do the work by asking for the help of his spirit in the letting go of our false selves. Sort of like it is us who are to sift for the large fish from the small ones, it is us who are to separate the chaff from the wheat, it is us who are to seek and find the treasure in our own field, it is us who are to fill our oil lamps in preparation for the wedding, it is us who are not to be so fixated with life that we decline the invitation to the feast. The spirit sends the invitation, whispers that we need to be still, drops a book in our lap, or gives us a gentle nudge.

    In peace and loving kindness.

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