do not stop

do not stop

until you achieve what you have been seeking

the pressure to pull you away will only grow stronger as you grow closer

mind will try to wear the clothes of the one you seek so that you don’t succeed

the reward lies in the struggle

each has been given the inner power to overcome

rise up and be…

be relentless

the power of realization

the power of determination

the power of a love founded in a knowing that all is one

will lift you back on your feet again and again

listen to the drum beat

listen to the endless rain of remembrance

returning you to your destiny in this life

2 thoughts on “do not stop

  1. Reblogged this on through the luminary lens and commented:
    George Wahl is a wonderful soft-spoken man and his poetry is steeped with a deep spirituality. He was a good friend of Fr. Charles Brandt and a member of the hermitage meditation group and he continues to assist at the hermitage with the new contemplative, Karen Nicol. Recently he said “I miss the man.” Thank you George. We all do!

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