breaking the trance

a trance

something we enter

but also something we can exit from

the trance infers there is a conscious awareness

that exists before and after its existence

the trance infers a temporary state of being

the trance infers that a set of conditions result in our entry into it

the trance infers a set of conditions that release us from it

the trance infers a dream like state when we are in it

in a trance we can still enjoy all of our senses

within the trance our physical bodies are fully alive and functioning

we may not know at all that we are in a trace or

we may only have the slightest inclination that what is perceived is not quite real

and yet within the trance our mind is fixated on a way of seeing which is corrupt

the trance is one of separation and is incredibly powerful

great determination is required of the individual to overcome it

the greatest enemy of the trance is stillness

for when the mind is quiet, its mischievous hands are bound

with persistent silence, cracks begin to reach the depths of the trance

cracks that determination and will invade and push upon

fueled by driving wedges of intense yearning, a deep love, a great hunger

for what lies beyond

such is the breaking of the trance

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