when you are present

it is as if you stood alone on a hilltop

and could see every valley and hill in every direction

what if you never left this hilltop

while living and working in your daily life

always present

always watchful

alone, yet at the same time completely as one with the all

all distinctions dissolved

mind completely subservient to presence

in every moment throughout your life

dramas would unfold before you in this world of perceived form

inviting you to leave this point of view

yet you would remain

always on the hilltop kingdom

steadfast, standing

watching, being, immersed in the love of unity

unphased by the world of form and its theatre

seeing all as an eternal infinite being

knowing that time

allows for the unfolding

knowing that the lens of timelessness

brings it all into focus

3 thoughts on “when you are present

    1. My dear Chan teacher, beloved Sufi teacher and recently deceased Catholic hermit monk friend and mentor would reply something along the lines of “there is nothing to achieve, as it already exists.”

      Is it possible that we are so deeply dreaming the trance of separation that we fail to realize “it” is not a dream?

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