Are you being controlled by your imagination?

This is the premise of the sages of every tradition.

The puppeteers go by many different names.

But in each case the puppet is as if asleep

controlled by another.

Engaging through its senses and perceptions in forms and dramas

at the behest of the imaginer who pulls the strings.

Occasionally the puppet wakes up and the puppeteer is silenced.

It experiences awareness and will – something barely perceptibly different

but does not realize its importance.

But it is not long until the strings become taunt and the puppet drifts back

into the delirium of submission.

Where is the will of the puppet?

It believes its will is that of the hidden imaginer who pulls the strings.

It believes the voice in its head is his their own rather than that of the imaginer.

The puppet under a spell of pulling threads does not know that it can dance on its own.

A dangerous question posed by the puppet threatens the imaginers existence.

Who am I?

A dangerous command does just as much damage.

Know thyself.

For the question and command bears the sharpened edge meant only for liberation.

Freedom to be with no strings attached.

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