missing you

oh you

who leaves footprints everywhere

when will I ever see you

whenever I arrive

you are gone

dust still swirling of a passing presence

like the warmth of a loved one left in the chair

a strong unseen loving presence in a dream

like an emptied cup

the last falling drop

caught in the act of surrender

when will I ever catch you

like chasing a falling leaf on a windy day

shadows appearing and disappearing

around a dim lit corners

a warm breath

still curling in frigid winter air

always missing you

always just out of reach

to yearn for the day

when you and I are as one

more precious, more desired

you could not be

tease me no more

my intention grows more dear

it all becomes more clear

unity is the only path my heart yearns for

the long awaited

the steps of my home await

footprints surrendered

disappearing within

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