Tathata – Suchness


Tathātā (/ˌtætəˈtɑː/; Sanskrit romanised: tathātā; Pali romanised: tathatā) is a Buddhist term variously translated as “thusness” or “suchness” and meaning the true, concrete essence or nature of things beyond ideas or words. It is a central concept in Mahayana Buddhism, having a particular significance in Chan Buddhism as well. The synonym dharmatā is also often used.

Beyond ideas and words….

Cast both of these aside

As they only interfere

They mask

They delude

They misinform

They distract from what is real

from what is immediate

from the present moment

For in suchness lies beingness

Simply being in the here and now

Rest in the isness

See with a fresh set of eyes

No ideas, no words

No images


Such is suchness

Such is your true nature

And in this suchness lies the peace you seek

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