my buddhist/zen teacher dear Beishi Guohan

wrote in his book, Tip of the Ripple

“that it is easy to investigate Chan at a crossroad”

this has reverberated for a number of days….

for in the crossing of two paths

one of false nature, the other of true nature

where do they cross?

it is that moment one’s awareness comes in contact with the falseness of one’s self

when roads cross one another, the experience can be transformative

as they reveal the incongruity of two differently perceived worlds

perceived reality of the road more travelled loosens its grip each time it is crossed

as the stillness of the ocean

comes in contact with the raging seas

when one only knows and experiences the ever changing seas

and begins to taste the stillness of the depths at the same time

in that moment when the two merge perceived reality begins to reform

the paradigm shifts

the point of view broadens

to one which accounts for both the changing sea and the ocean depths

the crossroads of life are only reached when we venture on the road of peaceful stillness

and bring it in contact with the sleep filled roads we travel in daily life

the crossing of these roads are the key to our freedom

take the road less travelled and venture across the old roads

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