Author: George Wahl

permeating everything

(from beloved Ilie Cioara)

i am here as well as everywhere in the immense infinite

i permeate everything

 all is within me

i am present in all

 there is nothing outside of me

seen or unseen

i have no cause and no source of creation

i have always been and i will always be endlessly

for what has no beginning will have no end

in essence and form

i am a perfect whole

uniqueness as unity encompasses all

slip into silence

slip into silence

disengage from the dream

no thought, no image

breathing in

there is an essence

in pure boundless emptiness

breathing out

there is an essence

of pure land

floating upon the present moment

never changing eternal one

emptiness breathing

pure awareness

this sacred temple

this heaven on earth

nothing remains that separates

I am peace

I am home

external shadows of what is real within

External life is the shadow of the inner reality.

Bowl of Saki, August 6, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The outer manifestations of life are so rigid and dense that the secret of their nature and character is buried underneath. Why is the world called an illusion by the mystics? Because the nature of manifestation is such that it envelops its own secret within itself, and appears in such a rigid form that the fineness, beauty and mystery of its character are hidden. Therefore the seekers after the truth of life, the students of life, are of two opposite kinds. The one wishes to learn from outward appearance. The other wishes to find out the secret that is hidden behind it. The one who learns from the external gets the knowledge from the external, which we call science. The one who finds out from the within, from what is hidden in this manifestation, is the mystic. The knowledge he gains is mysticism. … Every activity of the outer world is a kind of reaction; in other words a shadow of the activity which is behind it and which we do not see.

becoming intimate with divine presence

just as you cannot see light in a room

you can only see its effect on surfaces of objects

even if they are dust particles

but you cannot see light between the particles

so is the divine presence

it is an energy that is everywhere

to become intimate with it

is to become attuned to it

one can only become intimate and attuned with it

if you are silent within

so empty your mind

and simply be present

a moment will come when you begin to sense reflections of its presence in many different ways

a moment will come when you begin to learn to give life to this energy through your own body mind

in this time and in this realm

this moment will come after your discernment of true and false self has become second nature

like an accomplished pianist, artist, carpenter or baker who eventually creates without thinking

one instinctively knows