Author: George Wahl

capturing a notion

as I watch each day what arises to flow into this blog

it arises as a notion in stillness

and so I sit back in front of the keyboard and watch what unfolds

I notice that the me still stands in the way

it still filters and interprets the arising notions

seeking words to capture the meaning

although I do my best to reflect the notion

I realize how inept I am

I realize how so many in various traditions

were also overcome by the conditioning of self

coloring and tempering notions through their own lens of perception into their own nuanced words

struggling to share the underlying notion of wordless meaning

through a vocabulary that was never made to express notions

of a reality that it never contemplated or understood

having words that are blessed and cursed with so many subtle meanings

one clumsily cobbles together strings of meaning

as a servant to these notions

the publish button sends them out into the ether

as time passes, hopefully the words that flow are more and more apt to reflect these notions of meaning that arise

perhaps its not important and there is just enough essence in the words to reach into the hearts of the reader

perhaps they are not fully understood but somehow fertilize and prepare the soil for new shoots of understanding

allowing the same notions to eventually arise within others

as part of our own true nature

as part of a deeper knowing

a knowing which

spreads further and further in this earthly realm

opening the inner eye

some will delve deeply into the meanings of parables

from intellectual understanding, determination, confidence, trust and diligence take root

and lead one towards opening the eye

some will simply say know thy self

and from an exploration of WHO AM I

will lead one towards opening th eye

some will say, with great determination, confidence and diligence

practicing non-abiding awareness and letting go of all self centered attachment

will lead one towards opening the eye

some will say simply rest in stillness

in pure awareness and stay there

and you will be led towards opening the eye

some will say, repeat this mantra

there is only one God, there is no other

and they will be led towards opening the eye

there are as many pathways up this hill as there are cultures

there is no difference between them

each is a different yet interconnected facet of the same brilliant diamond

each path illuminates a different facet of the diamond

each path unlocks the potential brilliance of this diamond in the making

seen only by the opening of the inner eye

the authentic you

who is the I who is authentic

who is the I who is sincere

who is the genuine you

who is the original you

and who is the imposter

that has taken the throne and this sacred treasure from your grasp