Author: George Wahl

prompting a seed to grow

If we consider that within us lies a dormant seed of pure silence and stillness

A seed to unconditional loving kindness, compassion, wisdom and creativity

We can prompt its growth by a focused pure devotional love

where nothing is ever expected in return

a love flowing with continual genuine whole hearted attention

This is like soaking the seed in warm water

the love begins to penetrate the hardened shell of self centeredness

it softens and kisses the embryo within

a loving whisper to the child within to be

Growth can be prompted by scarification

Scarification penetrates the embryo by trauma to the outer shell.

Sometimes external causes and conditions are the source of the trauma

Sometimes our self centered nature is the subconscious source of self induced trauma

Sometimes both conspire together to cut or abrade the outer shell

Again moisture penetrates a wound to grace the embryo

a loving whisper to the child within to be

Growth can also be prompted by a practice of determined non-abiding awareness

which over time realizes all the facets of the self centered nature

until the seed’s outer shell dissolves into nothingness

Here again living water enfolds and nurtures the embryo

giving life to the spirit with

a loving whisper to the child within to be

In every case the living water that reaches the embryo must be of the same nature as its source

mother and child must be of the same essence

the baptism of being must be made with a water whose

essence is the most humble of all

an essence of pure inner silence and stillness

turning water into wine

to drink in life from the point of view of a false attached self centered self

will temporarily quench the thirst and will often be bland

to drink in life from the point of view of an aware ever present being

will be like drinking the wine of the Sufis where

the essence of the fruit will fill an individual with

nothing but loving-kindness and joy freely flowing from your being

to turn water into wine is to transform the self

ponder the breadth

if you will ponder

how you live your life

we may consider the length of what remains in life

we do we consider the breadth

with what we know about life

how do we bring breadth to each day

how do we live more fully each day

be fully present as each drama unfolds

be fully present in the midst of the banality

hone the quality of your presence in the thick of turmoil

and you will add breadth to every moment