oh dear soul

oh dear soul

there is something special about you

something in the way you are

the nothing that stands in your way

the something in the way you move

as if nothing separates you

you wouldn’t be here

if something inside did not shiver

blessed and beautiful

grasping a destiny cast long ago

on bended knee

one time, you sat in my throne

while I

not knowing who I am

was asleep on the floor

dreaming that I was you

believing a mythic story of what I am

this time, the rightful heir takes the throne

and the imagined self

silenced at their feet

fully surrendered

fully trained

on bended knee

waiting to do nothing

but serve

the will of the one

the serpent has much to teach

not only was it a whisperer to Eve

speaking with a forked tongue

but there is much about the shedding of its skin which reflects our false self

The snake rubs against abrasives to loosen its skin

It is the trials and struggles in life that really bring us to realize our true selves

It sheds its skin becoming completely detached from its outer expression

Our journey is one of completely letting go of our attachments and resistances

The snake sheds its entire skin

The snake does not die when the form of its body is shed

We are so attached to our egoic selves that we believe we die and it lives on

The snake lives on and sheds its superficial self

Its skin is translucent – light can pass through

The beauty of our inner being shines through our almost transparent egoic nature.

Its skin is fragile

It has a temporary purpose and then becomes discarded, allowing what is within to grow

Its skin retains its form of scales yet is deflated when discarded

Our outward appearance has nothing to do with who we really are

There is a time and place that a snake sheds its skin

We are no different, there is a point in life where we must also let go of this exterior that has served us so well

The skin once shed can be twice as long as the snake as it covers the top and bottom of each scale

Our outward appearance often belies who we really are

When the snake sheds the skin over its eye, its sight becomes clouded and compensates by being more aggressive

When we shed our egoic selves we realize our eyesight in grasping our true self is poor and we have seen life in a false way

The shedding unveils a clearer view.

In the shedding of our egoic selves we will become vulnerable for a period of time and may compensate to protect our dying egoic selves

superficial seeing

appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely…


fail to give a true notion or impression of something; disguise or contradict

to contemplate a face…

but what belies the face

is there something behind the face that only the heart can sense

does the practiced face project an image which replaces the open hearted vulnerability of beingness

or does one pick up nuances of unblemished beingness behind and within the face

the wrinkles around the eyes, the intensity of the gaze, the openness of the eyes, the moisture of the eyes, the subtle widening curve of the smile, the lack of tightness in the expression, the attentive posture and proximity of its presence

in the exploration one finds the tell tail signs of a true self

for our world is filled with faces

some faces belie their truth

and some are seen without us looking closely