a generation of soul gardeners

one’s who are at home in the natural world

one’s who recognize the nature of home in perfect stillness

one’s who have gained insight into mind

one’s who have gained insight into soul

one’s who have married the intuition of the east with the rational thinking of the west

one’s who reflect and discern

one’s who have learned to be still and to be movement

one’s who see the world as full of seedlings

hungry to become what was intended

searching, seeking, knocking

one’s who answer the call to become gardeners of souls

abundance of loving kindness and peace awaits

apple seeds

when you walk through an old abandoned settlement

abandoned generations ago

you often find gnarled apple trees still producing fruit

long after the sowers of young saplings have left

yet look closely and you see no new trees

the young saplings don’t survive

as the conditions are often not right

disease, animals who have a taste for the soft apple wood

devour the sapling before it can mature

our true selves are much like these apple trees

the soil may look healthy by the conditions are not necessarily conducive to lasting transformation

just like a gardener

we can learn about the conditions that our true self needs to flourish

we can sow the seed, protect it from that which brings harm

improve the growing conditions

and propagate the growth of our true nature

monks, sages and shamans from every tradition around the earth

have stored this knowledge in stories, parables, manuscripts

hidden in monastery libraries and some hidden in caves

the time is now that the written words of wisdom and the literacy of the world

unleashes the floodgates

the time is now that the rich intuitive knowing of the east meets the rational mind of the west

a revolutionary union to intuitively see in nature what we cannot rationalize

and to rationally act to bring what was intended to life

bringing hidden understandings to propagate fields upon fields of new growth

an abundant harvest awaits

a wind up doll?

are you lost in self

allowing your self to be wound up

operating as a script of an imagined self

interacting with the world from a learned, crafted, honed, constricted, formulated me

a me you think the world would like to see

take the key and pull it out

and throw it away

the true self is grounded in the heart

it is a felt sense of being

not a feeling of separation and projection

but a feeling of total connection to all that is

the automated part of our self

stands between us and fully living life

if you remove what stands in between

you will find what you are looking for

the smell of a rose

how do you describe the smell of a rose

words can never do it justice

you must experience it

how do you describe the joyfulness you felt witnessing an infants first giggle

words can never do it justice

you must experience it to truly know it

how do you describe the expression of genuine loving-kindness from the heart

words can never do it justice

you must live it, be it – to truly know it

such is true being

drop all the concepts, ideas, allegiances, tribalism, us/them animosities

live your life as an expression of love to friends and foes without preference

listen, understand, reflect, discern and be who you were meant to be

be the you that was carefully intended before you entered this existence on earth

it can only be grasped in the present moment