Doing something extraordinary

If a notion arises to do something for your community and this is not normal for you, consider the following:

Thoughts will arise one after the other as to why you shouldn’t or can’t.

This is how all our lives are ordered.

Notions of the heart arising out of pure unadulterated compassion arise.

Think of them as gentle friendly souls arriving on your door step.

Think of the thoughts as thieves and thugs stepping in front of these gentle souls and evening pushing them to the back of the line.

Throughout your life if you really look deeply this pattern recurs with frightening frequency. Yet we rarely recognize the pattern.

If you are completely aware from moment to moment, you will begin to recognize notions of compassion and the thugs who soon arise thereafter to steal away special joys of life that were especially gifted to you.

Be extraordinary, sharpen your awareness, recognize, reach out and embrace your friendly souls who come to visit from time to time and keep the thugs away from your front door.


What if this is the voice of your ancestors…

We have all died from this life on earth…

We are in a place where we can see everything in every moment throughout time including your life….

We call to you through grace…

whispering to you as often as you will hear us….

All of our attention is focused only on you….

Our future depends on you’re realizing your true self

In selfishness and fear, we fought in so many wars, ended so many lives in bloodshed, trod on so many others, looked down upon upon and turned away from so many others who were in need of us

We are deeply ashamed for this past and what it has led to in your day

We have since fought our way into the light and found a way to energize you to become your essential self

To give some hope for someone worthy to the bloodlines of old

We call on you to end the madness we started

We need each of you to rise up, to recognize your potential self and give it the life that all of us was meant to achieve

We, all your ancestors, from the very first to the very last, now all speak as one voice.

We urge you, who carries the torch of life in this moment to fully awaken, to shed your imagined self, to fully remain awake and vivify your essential self.

We plead with you to escape your darkness of distractions, for the hourglass of darkness only carries so much sand.

Fused with love

When the emptiness inside caresses the emptiness outside
A sparks leaps into flame

For at this moment in your life you have been blessed
with an eternal flame

Little else stands between you and pure humility, pure light

Grace adorns your every moment

To see without eyes

To realize something deeper
To remember something long forgotten

something so poignant, so true that this something elicits profound stirring

uninvited thoughts begin to disintegrate with awareness flavoured with discernment

a believed truth about self is revealed to be a fallacy, myth

an imperfect humility arises from the ashes of seeing an imperfect self

a perfect humility is vaguely glimpsed through breaking mist

a bliss arises as one begins to see without eyes

What Occupies the Prime Real Estate in Your Mind?

your phone
computer games
stories of bad events and bad people
judgement and anger towards others

Make a list of who owns the space in your mind.

Sit down with each, estimate time spent with each and the outcome and contemplate whether any of them fulfilled your life in a meaningful way.

Then write out and send eviction notices to each who does not fulfill you.

This is your space. You can either consciously choose what fills it or let it run wild and steal your life.

Yes you have the capacity of will to determine what fills the real estate of your mind.

Trash thoughts will drag you deeper and deeper downwards.

These are like uninvited squatters who have parked themselves on your living room couch. It takes work to get rid of them. This work is a continual strengthening of your awareness to see them coming to the front door and not answering the door bell.

If you drop them all. The only notions that are left to arise will be those of your heart. These are not about you or your feelings and emotions, nor are they about judging others. They are notions that if given your will reach out and lend a hand to everyone around you family, friends, and strangers.


Reflect on your mind
Make a list
Issue eviction notices
Work on keeping them out
Eventually they will stop showing up
Then listen for the notions of the heart
And see what happens

Questions about 2000 billion years

If remembered that your spirit waited for 2000 billion years to live this human life that you now have, would you live any differently?

If you knew that this short life would be your only opportunity to live life on earth in a span of 2000 billion years, would you still waste time worrying, desiring, hating, fearing, judging, wishing, allowing yourself to be completely distracted rather than being fully present in each and every precious moment.

This physical realm was made for a special unique purpose that was not possible in our previous existence. It is for us to receive and give love. We waited patiently with great joy to live this life and to experience the beauty of love, yet all memory of our waiting and what we were waiting for was erased when our bodies were born. Our essence has never changed since we were born nor for the previous 2000 billion years.

It is love that gives pure joy. Yet we let our notions of love be stolen by our own thoughts. Stolen by a self that doesn’t even exist when you really look closely. Each time a notion of love that arises in your heart is dashed by a negating thought that defers, diminishes, transactionalizes, we loose a sacred part of ourselves.

Fight to regain this lost territory in this life. Take back control of your life, by bringing your body, mind and heart together in harmonious stillness, in presence. Be relentless in this practice and the joy of heart will rise and the body and mind will grow with humility to serve the heart rather than tread with ignorance and blindness over her purity, tenderness and innocence.

Child of mine

Floating in a womb filled with water

All that is needed to sustain my life is provided through a cord which both feeds and cleanses me

All is in darkness for I have no physical sight, no hearing

and each day I grow

This world of darkness, it is all I know

I am neither black nor white, asian nor european, believer or non-believer, left nor right

For names and labels are unknown to me

Even these words are beyond me

For beliefs, judgments and labels are not part of this world

I do not know what lies beyond this world of darkness

I sense there is another, one of darkness

I sense there is another, one of struggle

I sense there is another, one of learning

I sense there is another, one of reflection

I sense there is another, one of awareness

I sense there is another, one of healing

I sense there is another, one of repentance

I sense there is another, one of contemplation

I sense there is another, one of light

I sense there is another, one of love

I sense there is another, one of pure being

… as I am now …

A mere taste of a life yet to be lived is all I sense

If I only knew the quality of love of my mother had for me

For now, unknown to me, I swim in a womb warmed by her love

For now, unknown to me, she prepares a nest for my arrival

For every day, unknown to me, she is aware of my every movement

For now, I do not know her

yet I sense she loves me with every ounce of her being

This great mother who includes the earth all within it and all that surrounds it in both space and time, she watches over each of us and awaits our arrival

We do not know her

yet in the same way she gives birth and life to the unseen essence of who we are…