an invitation to a wedding

Inner silence, inner stillness, inner quietness, inner peace

the rich soil of creativity, wisdom and loving kindness

the sacred doorway to eternal life

the more time you spend beneath its arches

the closer you come to crossing its threshold

Beauty hidden in stone

This sculpture lay hidden in stone for tens of millions of years.

With blows of hammer and chisel,

its veils were shed on a dusty floor.

Our true selves are no different.

Over time we become artisans in revealing our own true selves.

Each of us is beautiful beyond belief.

Waiting for us to finish the masterpiece.

“Virgin with veil”, carved in the XIX century, by the Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza (1818-1875)

slipping into another’s shoes

when we are totally tied in knots with our self

we tend to have great difficulty stepping into another’s shoes

but when we can truly immerse ourselves in the life story and experiences of another

by studying them in depth

we can begin to see life from their perspective

I am currently studying the papers of a 97 year old hermit monk and priest

who was my mentor and who kept a copy of almost every letter ever written or received

who journeyed far and wide throughout the monasteries of Europe

who amassed a collection of thousands of wisdom teachings from almost every tradition

When you slip into another’s shoes you realize that they were never perfect

you realize that although they seemed enlightened and incredibly present

that they too struggled with doubt, fear, judgement of others and ego

so clearly seen in letters and sermons given by a younger self still seeking to be

And yet with meditation and reading and contemplation one witnesses a gradual transformation

A transformation brought on by a daily practice of setting intention to let go and resting in stillness

A transformation that occurred while he practiced his profession of book binding and paper restoration

Being fully engaged with the public while running a business

If anything, he taught that this journey of life, of one of letting go was for everyone and of taking periods of resting in stillness and was not just reserved for hermits, monks or intellectuals.

It was meant for the simplest among us to retreat into silence periodically, and recognize the egoic self but also to be part of the world around us while one is changing. While living in the real world one facilitates not only their own transformation but one also sows the seeds to transform others.

hesitant love

a movement stirred from deep within

a big fish caught in the net

allowed to slip back into the sea of love


little fish of distraction are chosen and grasped

a movement stirred that arises and is withheld

it is choked

it is withdrawn

it’s withdrawal is rationalized

a love that aches to be

a love sourced in the universe of oneness

longing to be expressed in our world

a shift to the other side of the street

a refusal to an invitation

an excuse to avoid

hesitant love if you look for it

is easy to spot

for it is often laced throughout our lives

don’t be like the others

accept the wedding invitation and discount the excuses

the little fish caught in your net of awareness

learn to discern

and cast them back to the sea

when the large fish appear

recognize them

and by grasping them

they will come alive and bless your life.