a father’s glory

many times I’ve lived alone

almost my whole life

many times I’ve cried a time

longing for a home

many lands I’ve wandered through

almost my whole life

many lands have shown me

my door never to be found

It is a long and winding road

to a door that’s deep inside

shedding things that frighten me

lost in darkened nights

shadows forever chasing me

never towards the light

Its a long and winding road

to a door deep inside

always calling out my name

a yearning home to be

and so as the handle turns

the sun breaks loose

its dawning rays

a waiting heart sings with joy

embracing a long lost welcome song

a son returned

a father’s glory

let’s all stay together

loving when times are good or bad

happy or sad

stop hanging on to a space

between us

come come hold our hands

ought we not all to stay together

walking by my side

whether times are happy or sad

let’s all stay together

know that I am

that tiny point of pure divinity within you

waiting to be the I am in your body mind

filling your life with the darkness of internal struggles

so you one day finally turn towards it

and come to know

that I am was always meant to be

fully embodied with no distinction

with everything else


no self

heard the preacher

as he was walking by

he heard the parishioner’s

collective gasp in a pause

of a thundering oratory

so he put on a veil and headscarf

you would never know he was a man

he stepped within

those hallowed halls

words flew from the tongue


sordid acts colored with sin

of the one who stood trembling and vulnerable

all were drunk with the liquor of form and the haze of separation it induces

blinded by judgement

everyone’s eyes fixed on every pulpit poured word

imaginations on fire

as they all left

he shed his coverings


no others even thought to remove their disguise

not letting go of what they had been fed