summertime gathering of friends

person to person

pleasantries, platitudes, polite exchange

bystanding hearts watch from sleepy shadows

piped music fills the spaces

and in an interrupted pause

noisy nervousness in an instance withdraws

the silent kings and queens arise

and take their thrones

the jesters have left the room

old souls meet

down to earth, sacred, blessed

at first, no words needed

yet words patiently chosen with care

authenticity embraced

exploring, touching, sharing and being

each movement teased from grace

subtle yet sweet, the vibe

the gentle

scented summertime breezes

caress the skin

a gentle brush of a passing soul

eyes and manner

betrays a hidden beauty of belonging

swaying cistern-tops

spilling loving-kindness

in nuanced stillness

the slightest rhythm arises

toes start tapping

voices weaving harmonies of old fireside songs

hearts dancing the form of thee

wild abandon



under moonlit heart-felt smiles

when you approach unity

when you approach unity

a knowing of what you need to do will unfold

listen and watch with sharp discernment

books, blogs, people, lyrics, poems, dramas and challenges will fall like a soft rain on your path

pointings towards understanding

no external doing other than what brings you peace and sustains life is necessary

simply seek understanding and do all you can to let go of your self centered nature and your attachments

this will trigger the seed within to awaken

the seedling will grow and its flower will unfold on its own

it knows what to do,

it knows where to find the light of the surface

it knows how to absorb energy from the light

it knows how to break through the darkness

it knows how to find sustenance in the dark soil

it knows how to ingest the sacred waters of life

just be its loving gardener

tend it with all of your attention and love

emerging souls

in each one of us


hearing the calling

rising up

some soaring

some only waking

light streams through growing cracks

spreading across the heavens

the darkness of separation begins to wane

souls rise towards unity

the angels surround us

rising voices singing in joyous celebration

if one really understood

if one really understood unity

one would never start a new religion

for beliefs separate one from unity

one would never build a church

as churches separate parishioners from others

if one really understood unity

one would realize that a glorious temple

is already built

and stands within

if one really understood unity

there would be no hierarchy

if one really understood unity

one would have a keen knowing of that which separates

if one really understood unity

one would know that that which separates, brings suffering

if one really understood unity

the heart would see brightly

the heart would touch gracefully

the heart would inspire

the heart would sing and dance

nothing but loving kindness and peace