ahh to be human with another human being

why is it that we constantly want to be something, someone

we simply are

and we simply are our true selves when we sit in peace and love with another

without pretension, without expectation, in pure peace

to sit with another in vulnerability

to sit in deep friendship

where judgement finds no toehold, no grasp, no place, no home

acceptance hides behind every turn of conversation

open honest peaceful curious

to place oneself in the shoes of the other

to set aside all that chafes at love at being one with another


compulsion, addiction, distraction

the mind pulled this way and that

like a dog chasing its tail

like a monkey jumping from tree to tree

from thought to thought

buffeted in any direction by the slightest wind

words spilled from lips
without constraint
without stemming their harm
without presence
without discernment

jockeying for prestige
jockeying for a me to be heard, admired, elevated, acknowledged

addicted to a projection of self that is thought to be admired by all

and yet the shell of projected self remains empty
even more empty than its ever been
fed on the fumes of empty flattery and empty gestures
emptiness left longing for love

yet love has been recast by this shell as refuse to be contained and chained

and there in each moment of hurtful words that spill from our lips and thoughts
is the presence of love

waiting to be seen

she always arrives in each single moment where we consider a new distraction, a new judgement which negates and separates

that presence that whispers without words, that these compulsions, addictions and distractions are silently stealing our life away

they all constrict, withhold and temper the great love that waits within each of us to be unleashed

it whispers to release these thoughts, these projections, these addictions

it yearns within, it gently prompts us, it subtly pulls us towards returning to the great fountain of love within whose flow we have stemmed


such an interesting word

to perceive without judgement of right or wrong

but what is it to perceive in such a way

there must be an element of humility

a humbleness in knowing – not knowing

a breath before jumping to a judgement

a breath taken during which one realizes one doesn’t know

discernment – perhaps a pause or breath of presence – a moment

in which the play transforms into a realization of a deeper meaning

in a fast paced world – discernment seems to be a notion nearing extinction

idealistic or practical

to swim in deeper and deeper waters

spoken by a shepherd in the dual realm, you can be either idealistic or practical

in a world of separation an idealist is perceived as standing alone and is deemed impractical – you are told and learn that from a young age on you cannot be both

in the world of separation, ideals, ethics, doing the right thing are incrementally shed so that one can be practical, efficient, successful

yet in a world of union an idealist stands as one with others on a deeper level infused with love and as a practical being draws this union together without compromising the idealism and unity that comes with real love

come and swim …. as one …. in deeper waters…

don’t get angry – get “even”

its all about perception

if you go within and even that inside of you and regain the centre of your consciousness….anger evaporates after it arises and even sometimes as it arises

if you live in an external world “even” becomes a score that needs to be settled

and in doing so escalates into conflict

always always always

as soon as you sense injustice and the following anger

… be aware …

watch what arises, reflect on the source of the injustice

who is the one who has been hurt, your ego or your conscious awareness

what happens to your perceptions

what happens to your love

aware aware aware

next time go within and don’t get angry – get “even”

Discern the will, the intent, the desire of your Soul and give it your attention….with the will of your being give this sacred intention life…. in this lifetime…for this, I fear, is our only purpose in life…I fear this to be true as so few of us ever venture far enough within to realize it…go forth… all of you and make it so…

“Therefore, what ever you see your soul to desire,
do that thing, and you shall keep your heart safe.”

written by a desert father in the 4th century

to know how to discern that which is of the soul and that which is of the mind

points the way

learn to recognize the sanctity of that which arises

for that which arises as a desire of the heart is where you should place your attention

for it is these desires formed in the heart which lead the way to peace, harmony and love on earth and virility of the heart

fulfilling desires of the mind and from the surrounding environment only lead to more folly and distraction

how to love…. by the desert fathers written some 1,700 years ago

love is not between one and another

love is expressed by a putting on the shoes of the other

by seeing the world of experience through their eyes

by understanding their past, the environment which formed their perceptions

and interacting as if you two were one

this knowing requires a space of peace, calm and safety
this knowing requires one to talk, to share, to explore one another’s past, to understand the triggers and the sources of these triggers, to understand the nuances of expression, the subtle messages of expression that result in withdrawal of love

the knowing is woven into a fabric of a giving and receiving
the knowing is woven with threads that look beyond the weakness the darkness

however with the passing of time and experience

if one is truly wise, one no longer needs to know the reasons….one simply knows instinctively that there are reasons

if one is truly wise, one senses the withdrawal in the other

if one is truly wise, one looks beyond the darkness and only converses with that pureness which lies beneath the shell of constriction

however with the passing of time and experience

all is embraced with love without doubt or question

in this way all are eventually embraced in …… love