Self and it’s shadow

If you look at each person as expressing two selves

A quiet, peaceful, centered, wise, loving kind self


A self centred self that separates self from others and holds onto suffering thoughts

Only engage with the former

For the other isn’t real

It’s an ever changing shadow that proves the true self is the real one

just seek the source of the shadow and you will know

finding nirvana in suffering

one can only find the cessation of suffering

within suffering

one can only find nirvana

within our attachments, our self centeredness, and our delusions

one can only find wisdom, profound presence by walking into the fire and remaining centered

if we hide from suffering

if we avoid suffering

if we distract our selves away from suffering

we find absolutely nothing but new forms of suffering


setting the intention

in pure stillness during your meditation

send out an intention in your state of pure awareness

the intention for a growing wave of humanity to experience the same deep awareness and presence

in working families, among the youth, in the elderly and infirm

the intention that more and more people be drawn towards a life of loving-kindness, harmony and peaceful existence

the intention will instill and kindle a flame within

for intentions find their way to inspire the expression of true self